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Custom Pool Contractors in Montgomery Texas

About Turn Key's Custom Pool Builds

Geometric, freeform, and infinity are popular pool shapes, but your pool design is totally customized to suit your needs and your style. When designing your custom pool build, we use 2D and 3D design mockups so you can visualize your new custom pool build. We'll also help you determine your pool design based on your yard size, personal style, and if you need a pool cover installed.

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Custom Pool Design Styles

Custom Pool Design Styles

Geometric Pools

Geometric pool designs are great for large open yards and small spaces that are hard to work with. These simpler pool builds can reduce turnaround time and with clean lines and sharp corners, geometric pools are the embodiment of modern design. Add symmetrical layered entryways to take this custom pool style to the next level.

Freeform Pools

Due to its adaptability and flexibility, a freeform pool is an excellent choice for limited space. The unique organic lines in freeform pool builds provide a soothing element and a natural appearance. This design blends in with any landscape, so you don't have to change a thing. Freeform pools are also perfect for creating your ideal tanning spot!

Infinity Pools

The name infinity comes from the illusion that these pools go on forever. That "vanishing" effect highlights the scenery beyond your yard and are ideal for properties that face a lake, hill, or beach. Worried about safety? Infinity pools do have edges, but they're hidden beneath the water's surface. For weak swimmers or those with limited mobility, infinity pools can be equipped with extra safety features like railing, stairs, ramps, and alarms.

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Chlorine Pools

Traditional chlorinated pools are a great way to have fun in safely sanitized and bacteria-free pool water. Chlorine is a naturally occurring chemical element that kills germs and prevents harmful microbes from causing damage to your health. Here's some pros and cons of owning a chlorine pool:


  • Fewer upfront costs because you don't need a salt chlorine generator

  • Doesn't cause major damage or corrosion to pool equipment

  • A higher chlorine content sanitizes your pool water more effectively


  • Chlorine can have a strong chemical smell

  • Can cause irritation to hair, skin, and eyes and be more irritating for people with sensitive skin, allergies, or asthma 

  • Requires more regular chlorine level checks and balancing

Saltwater Pools

Saltwater pools are gentle alternatives to chlorine pools for people with sensitive skin, allergies, or asthma. Instead of adding chlorine to your pool water, we'll add pool-grade salt and then the salt gets converted into chlorine. Here's some pros and cons of owning a saltwater pool:


  • The lower chlorine content is gentler on your eyes, skin, hair, swimsuit, and more 

  • There's no chemical smell

  • It can be a cheaper on day-to-day maintenance


  • Salt can speed up pool erosion

  • Salt chlorine generators need to be cleaned and checked regularly 

  • The initial install can be more expensive than a traditional chlorinated pool

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